Building Department

A building permit is required for construction of a new building or accessory structure or an addition to an existing structure that increases or reduces its size, creates any structural changes, or involves extensive plumbing or electrical work. Contact the Building Department if you are planning any work on or around your property to avoid any penalties and/or fines for work completed without a permit.  Most building projects require a permit to ensure that the project meets Village, and International code for safety and structural integrity. Homeowners can do many of their own construction projects. The Building Department can confirm any specific requirements. See list of projects below that require permits. Contact the Municipal Center at 815-675-2121 or email Building & Zoning Officer Trent Turner.


Preliminary Procedures for Obtaining a Building Permit:

  • Determine whether a permit is necessary
  • Check zoning regulations (i.e. setback, clearances, etc.
  • Check relevant village ordinances
  • Have project approved by your homeowner’s association (if applicable
Permit Fees and Procedures for New Homes Patio/Sidewalk/Driveway Apron(concrete & brick pavers)
Residential Exterior Alterations/Additions Relocation of Structures
Alarms systems

Remodeling Information
Commercial & Industrial Re-roofing (misc. permit application)
Decks Re-siding (fascia and soffits too)
Detached Garages Screen Rooms
Demolition Sheds/Accessory Buildings
Driveways Signs
Electric Code Amendments Site Development
Water Heaters (misc. permit application)
Fences Sprinkler Systems

Swimming Pools and Spas Information

Pool Application

Zoning Procedures, Information and Forms

Zoning Map

Municipal Code

If you are planning to do any digging, call JULIE at 1-800-892-0123 at least 48 hours before you reach for your shovel.  Your phone call to this toll free underground utility locating service can save utilities and their customers the cost of repairing damaged equipment, inconvenience and potentially hazardous situations.