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Business Directory

NameAddressPhone number
A Gra8ter Clean2402 Spring Ridge Drive Suite A708-265-6885
Action Electronics2502 Spring Ridge Drive Suite D 847-740-3733
Adams & Uselton CPA’s Ltd.2002 Holian Drive815-675-1040
Advanced Machining & Protypes, Inc.2414 Highview St847-650-8288
Airfloor Inc.7451 Spring Grove Road847-459-6080
Alliance for Humane Action2020 Route 12 Suite A847-960-8689
All-Rite Spring Co.2302 Spring Ridge Drive815-675-1350
All Wildlife Animal Eviction2312 Hatchery Rd815-788-0679
Alta Construction Equipment Illinois, LLC2500 Westward Drive815-581-0071
AMS Screw Products2418 Highview St Suite B815-403-1395
Animal Hospital of Spring Grove2214 Route 12 Unit B815-675-3535
Animal Rehab2440 Westward Drive815-219-0877
Astro Craft, Inc.7509 Spring Grove Road815-675-1500
Atlas Machinery2911 Route 12844-942-8527
Atlas Saw & Tool, LLC7801 Industrial Court Suite B815-675-1333
Autonamic Corp.7806 Industrial Court815-675-6300
B&B Auto Center Inc.3000 Route 12815-344-2630
Baba Jevas Gaming Food and Spirits LTD2214 Route 12, Suite E815-581-0188
Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Spine Center2900 Route 12 Unit J815-675-0699
Barrelbounty Sip & Shop2450 Route 12 Suite G-H-F815-675-3900
Barrett Wealth Connection, LLC2002 Holian Drive Suite Suite 104815-529-7527
Big Moss Golf, Inc.2807 Route 12 Suite C815-893-4410
Billy’s Beef, Hot Dogs & More2020 Route 12 Suite T815-675-0340
Bird Enterprises Group LLC1814 Route 12847-875-4613
Birds of Paradise Flower & Gift Shop2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite K Front815-363-8568
Blink Properties2302 Westward Drive815-679-6589
BMP MFG LLC2503 Spring Ridge Drive Suite E815-861-1261
Bricks & Ivy Sports Tavern2508 Route 12815-581-3889
Brumm Enterprises LLC2418 Highview St, Unit
BSB Development, Inc.7901 Industrial Court815-675-6688
Calmly Centered Therapy, PLLC7709 Blivin612-741-1178
Casey’s2400 Route 12779-256-7377
C D & L Dental Associates2020 Route 12 Suite K815-675-2600
Chase Bank2311 Route 12815-675-2361
China Taste2450 Route 12 Unit M815-675-2728
Coffee Masters7606 Industrial Court815-675-0088
Concrete Developers Inc.7701 Blivin Street Unit 3815-675-2202
Coventry Classics2701 Route 12 Unit C & D224-688-8176
Creator’s Stained Glass Inc.7705 Industrial Court Suite A847-477-3863
CRV Electronics2249 Pierce Drive815-675-6500
Current Electric & Advanced Energy Systems2418 Highview St Suite A815-675-1555
Custom Marble & Granite of Illinois2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite L815-385-3977
Dairy Queen2450 Route 12 Unit N815-675-0090
David Schultz2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite J847-722-9610
Direct Automation, Inc.7800 Winn Road815-675-0588
Direct Source x2306 Hatchery Road815-675-0363
Dirty Rides, Inc.7451 Spring Grove Road Unit A815-581-0126
Discover Integrated Medical Center2207 Route 12 Suite E815-675-9355
Dreiske Moving & Storage2414 Highview St815-385-9586
Durabilt Fence7501 Meyer Road847-520-5880
Dynamic Machining, Inc.2304 Spring Ridge Drive Unit C815-675-3330
Earth Developments8107 Wilmot Road815-675-0055
Eclipse Hair Studio2020 Route 12 Suite U815-675-0339
Edward Jones2207 Route 12 Suite D815-675-6859
Elas Tek Molding7517 Meyer Road815-675-9012
English Prairie Farms2117 English Prairie Road815-343-3134
Fox Lake Welding & Propeller Services1803 Holian Drive Suite D847-587-5600
FTF Mobile LLC Food Truck7706 Industrial Ct Suite A/B224-633-9096
Fur The Love of Dogs, Inc.2400 Highview St815-675-3877
Gardner Mulches & Landscaping7701 Blivin Street815-675-6083
Geo-Cell Solutions, Inc.2502 Spring Ridge Drive Suite A559-294-1551
Glenn Kaht2503 Spring Ridge Drive Suite E1216-503-0632
Guardian Material Handling, Inc.7801 Industrial Court Suite A815-581-3180
H.R. Boyd, Inc.7727 Finch Street847-973-9374
Hahn Heating and Air Conditioning7502 Mayo Court Unit 4815-790-9551
Heelein & Sons, Inc.2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite F & K Back815-382-3967
Helping Hands Food Pantry2020 Route 12, Unit B847-245-7345
Holian Insulation Co., Inc.7504 Meyer Road815-675-6681
Howling Moto, LLC2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite F&K815-200-9375
Hydraulic Services7502 Mayo Court815-675-0077
Ice Enterprises2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite H815-271-0368
Inland Harbor Marina1908 Route 12847-395-8070
IRD-PAT Traffic, Inc.2402 Spring Ridge Drive Suite E815-675-1430
J & K Auto Glass, LLC7706 Industrial Court Suite G847-395-1907
Jewel Food Stores, Inc.2401 Route 12815-675-6716
Joe Meyer Tree Service6809 Route 12847-587-0593
Johnson Custom Cabinets Inc.7609 Blivin Street815-675-9690
JR Mike’s Auto Works2509 Highview St815-675-1039
Kari’s2207 Route 12 Suite F815-581-0133
KBI Custom Case, Inc2503 Spring Ridge Drive Suite F815-648-4940
Kitchen Krafters, Inc.7801 Industrial Court Suite D815-675-6061
KLM Builders2481 Brentwood Drive815-678-0804
KLM Kitchens, Baths & Floors2207 Route 12 Suite B815-581-3212
Knoll Steel2851 Route 12815-675-9400
Lakeshore IT Solutions, Inc.2023 Main Street888-700-2788
Launch Enrichment2850 Route 12815-581-3291
Levernier Enterprises, Inc.1901 Holian Drive815-653-2214
Lice Clinics of America2503 Spring Ridge Drive Suite C1847-596-0408
Lifespring Community Church1154 Route 173815-230-7101
Lucky Bernie’s2450 Route 12 Unit C & D815-581-3217
Magic Moon Gaming & Wine Bar2020 Route 12 Suite M815-581-0078
Mane Street Salon1924 Main Street847-418-1902
Marc Nielsen State Farm2207 Route 12 Suite G815-675-6470
Maria’s Mexican Restaurant2207 Route 12 Suite H815-581-0117
Masonry Cleaning7706 Industrial Court Suite E847-344-8306
Maverick Undercar Performance7502 Mayo Court Unit 7815-575-0833
Maxcess2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite B920-733-1991
McDonald’s2451 Route 12815-675-0004
Metcon Fitness Center1803 Holian Drive Suite C815-575-4929
Midwest Arbor Corp.1700 Holian Drive815-675-6766
Midwest Breakfast Co.2207 Route 12 Suite A815-675-2147
Millennium Instruments Inc.2402 Spring Ridge Drive Suite I815-675-3225
Minic Precision, Inc.7706 Industrial Court Suite K & L815-675-0451
MLS Group USA, LLC7705 Industrial Court Suite I815-581-0128
Modern Abrasive2855 Route 12815-675-2352
Modern Health2440 Highview Street Suite A815-900-7330
Nail Trend2450 Route 12 Unit B815-675-0044
Nancy Peterson Walz, LCSW2502 Spring Ridge Drive Suite F815-276-2394
National Cap & Set Screw Co.2991 Route 12815-675-2363
Natures Feed Inc.2440 Westward Drive Unit C815-675-2008
Neil J. Anderson, P.C.1927 Main Street815-675-6712
New Leaf Home Furnishings2449 Pierce Drive Unit 3815-675-9700
Next Level Cabinetry7801 Industrial Court Suites E & F847-987-0458
Nippersink School District 2, Spring Grove School2018 Main Street815-678-6750
North Hill Farm1214 Main Street815-675-6330
Northbound Fitness Club2222 Pierce Drive815-675-9999
Northern Divers, USA1924 Main Street847-293-8465
NTI – Network Technology Innovation2510 Route 12815-790-3891
Olson Auto Body & Ace Towing & Recovery2304 Spring Ridge Drive Unit D815-363-9100
Olson Machining, Inc.1804 Holian Drive815-675-2900
Pace Insurance & Financial Services2503 Spring Ridge Drive Suite C2815-597-5770
Paint N Brush Sign Co.2314 Route 12815-675-2734
Pat-Lin Enterprises, Inc.3001 Route 12815-675-6606
Penske Truck Leasing2221 Pierce Drive610-775-6221
Pimped Vintage2020 Route 12 Suite C262-716-5174
Platinum Terrain7701 Blivin Street Unit 3815-675-2202
Point Ready Mix, LLC2203 Spring Ridge Drive815-578-9100
POO USA, LLC2202 Westward Drive815-414-9001
Powell Electronics7705 Industrial Court Suite C815-675-3244
Pratt Brewing2025 Main Street815-814-1620
Precision Molded Concepts2402 Spring Ridge Dr Suite B, C, D, H & J815-675-0060
Premium Decking Supply Inc2221 Pierce Drive815-479-3325
Prestige Detailing2509 Highview Street Suite B815-529-4135
Pups4kids2919 Route 173847-630-7387
Quality Services & Repair2304 Spring Ridge Drive Unit E & F815-679-6736
Rainbow Signs, Inc.2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite A815-675-6750
Relentless Training Center LLC7801 Industrial Suite C773-426-3418
Renue You, Inc2440 Westward Drive Unit B815-321-2578
Resolute Plumbing7707 Blivin Street815-581-0038
Richardson Farms9407 Richardson Road815-675-9729
Rise and Shine Wellness, LLC7709 Blivin Street815-529-0065
Road Rage, Inc.2449 Pierce Drive Unit 2 & 4815-675-0690
RP Accessories7706 Industrial Court Suite J
RTD Tooling & Plastics Inc.7517 Meyer Road815-675-9012
Ryan’s Travel by Design, Inc.7706 Industrial Court Suite G847-395-2772
S & R Heating & Cooling2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite C815-675-1747
Salon Carmani1924 Main Street815-862-2144
Salon Jevee2207 Route 12 Suite C815-675-6000
Saylor Mick’s2020 Route 12 Suite G815-679-7817
Schroeder Performance2919 Route 173847-812-2595
Scot Forge8001 Winn Road815-675-1000
Short Construction2404 Spring Ridge Drive Suite I
Sportdecals, Inc.2504 Spring Ridge Drive815-675-2471
Spring Grove Cabinetry2019 Main Street224-509-7810
Spring Grove Dental2100 Route 12 Suite 202815-675-1156
Spring Grove Flying Dragons1622 Route 12815-675-3504
Spring Grove Insurance Pros2208 Route 12815-675-2138
Spring Grove Mobile2551 Route 12224-243-0040
Spring Grove Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, LTD2100 Route 12 Suite 101815-675-0675
Spring Grove Post Office2410 Westward Drive815-675-2161
Spring Grove Rental Systems, LLC2449 Pierce Drive815-482-1232
Spring Grove State Bank7500 Meyer Road815-728-8000
St. Peter Catholic Church and Preschool2118 Main Street815-675-2288
State Bank of the Lakes1906 Holian Drive815-675-3700
Subway Sandwiches2450 Route 12 Unit A815-675-1149
Sud’N Shine Carwash7840 Winn Road815-675-1350
Swederski Concrete Construction, Inc.2807 Route 173815-678-4035
Tech Star International / Massive Speed2304 Spring Ridge Drive Unit A & B815-675-1822
The Grove2008 Main Street815-675-0220
The Shores of Turtle Creek7908 Winn Road815-675-0001
Thompson Funeral Home8103 Wilmot Road815-675-0550
Three R Plastics, Inc.1801 Holian Drive815-675-0844
T-Mobile2207 Route 12 Suite I815-675-2477
Totallywood Flooring7502 Mayo Court Unit 8847-833-9351
Tropical Chill7705 Industrial Court Suite K847-204-4800
Vweld, Inc.2221 Pierce Drive Suite 2630-514-7182
Walgreens7880 Winn Road815-675-2408
Warming Systems. Inc.7706 Industrial Court Suites C, D & F800-663-7831
We-Bore-It, LLC and TelOptic Cable Contracting Services, Inc.7800 Industrial Court815-331-9502
Weer & Woellert Insurance Group2409 Westward Drive815-675-1007
Westosha Legacy Athletic Club, LLC2449 Pierce Drive Unit 1262-210-3093
Wild Crab Boil2450 Route 12 Unit I, J & K815-581-0142
Wisconsin-Illinois Agility Group (WAG)2807 Route 12815-675-9300
Yellow Bird Products1803 Holian Drive Suite A815-469-9686