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Right of Ways, Street Maintenance & Repair

Right of Ways – The homeowner is responsible for maintenance and weed removal of right of way areas fronting their property. Should this area be disturbed as a result of maintenance or repairs to Village utilities (water, sanitation, storm sewer), the Village will restore that area. In these cases, the disturbed area is not immediately seeded or sodded until the ground has substantially settled. Often, total restoration cannot be performed until weather conditions are suitable.

Streets, Curb & Gutter Repair – The Village is responsible for maintaining all municipal streets with the exception of certain state, county, township, and private roads. To determine whether or not the Village has jurisdiction over a particular roadway, please contact the Village at 815-675-2121.

Street Lights – Street lights  are maintained by Commonwealth Edison. Should you notice a defective light, please notify the Village by calling 815-675-2121.

Street Pavement Maintenance – The Public Works Department performs general maintenance and repairs.  Listed below are the tasks the Department performs:

  • Pothole Patching
  • Crack Sealing
  • Pavement Cut & Patch

Crack Sealing is a preventative street maintenance technique where small cracks are sealed with a rubberized asphalt product, creating long thick “snake like” lines in the street.  By sealing cracks in the streets, water is kept out, and less damage occurs during the freeze thaw cycles in the spring and fall.  The department evaluates streets in order to determine if crack sealing is needed.  Crack sealing has proven to extend the life of streets therefore saving the Village money it would have spent on re-surfacing. You may drive on streets that have been crack sealed within 30 minutes of application.  Please obey traffic control devices and work zones set by public works when crack sealing is being performed.

Cut & Patch work gets performed by public works when certain smaller sections of roadway have deteriorated to the point where crack sealing and pot hole patch work will not correctly solve the problem.  The department will mill or grind out the failed portion of pavement, clean out the area that was ground, apply a sealer or tack to location and install 2″ of hot surface mix asphalt to the patch area.  Some patch areas may remain open overnight before hot asphalt can be installed.  Please watch for warning signage of “ENEVEN PAVEMENT SURFACE AHEAD” to indicate a portion of road that is undergoing cut & patch repairs.  If you encounter these signs, SLOW DOWN, and proceed with caution through designated repair area.

The Public Works Department works in conjunction with the Village’s Engineer to determine which roads may need to be re-surfaced if none of the maintenance practices will further benefit a road.

Street Sweeping – Clean sidewalks and streets are important in making a neighborhood an enjoyable place to live. Keeping sidewalks clean is the responsibility of the property owner. The sweeping program operates from mid-April (weather permitting) through late fall. After spring clean-up, sweeping is on an as-needed basis. Fall sweeping operations become more numerous when leaves fall from the trees and begin to collect in the curb and gutter system. The Department asks that residents do not deposit leaves onto the street or into the curb and gutter system to allow proper storm water to occur.