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Municipal Code

The Village of Spring Grove Municipal Code is a classified compilation of the general and permanent ordinances of the Village. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the content of the Municipal Code contained on this page. However, the Code changes from time to time due to the adoption, deletion and/or alteration of ordinances by the Village Board.

Chapter 1

The President

Chapter 2

The Village Board of Trustees

Chapter 3

The Village Clerk

Chapter 4

Other Appointive Officers

Chapter 5

The Police Department

Chapter 6

Other Provisions Relating to Village Affairs

Chapter 7

Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 8

Business Regulations

Chapter 9

Liquor Control

Chapter 10

Occupation and Other Taxes

Chapter 11

Health Regulations

Chapter 12

Sign Control Ordinance

Chapter 13

Motor Vehicles and Traffic Control

Chapter 14


Chapter 15

Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 16

Subdivision Control Ordinance

Chapter 17

Annexation and Retained Personnel Fees

Chapter 18

Landscaping Code

Chapter 19

Other Regulations

Chapter 21

Creation of Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA)

Chapter 22

Use of Public Sewers Required and Wastewater Service Charges

Chapter 23

State Officials and Employees Ethics Act

Chapter 24

The Code

Chapter 25

Public Water System

Chapter 26

Miscellaneous Offenses

Chapter 27

Construction of Utility Facilities in the Rights of Way

Chapter 28

Cable and Video Service Provider

Chapter 29

Administrative Hearings

Chapter 30

Administrative Procedures - PSEBA