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Sanitary, Storm Sewers and Water Meters

Sanitary Sewers

The property owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs of sanitary service lines within his or her building and out to the point of connection with the municipal sewer system. A property owner experiencing plumbing problems should call the Public Works Department at 815-675-2121. A crew will then be dispatched to determine whether or not the Village system is clear or clogged with debris. If it is determined that the main sewer line at the street is clear, the property owner will be so advised and notified to contact a plumber to perform the required repairs or maintenance on the service lines to which they are responsible.

Illinois law does not require a municipality to pay for water damage that results from sewer backups, unless the municipality did something affirmative to cause the back-up. Municipalities cannot anticipate every problem that might occur with the flow of water, nor can it control what gets into the system. As a result, the law recognizes that it would be a significant burden on a municipality to be required to reimburse property owners whenever water damage  results from a sewer backup. Be sure to carry the proper insurance to protect yourself from property damage resulting from a sewer backup.

Should your sewer back up, please notify the Village Hall immediately. It is unlawful to connect storm sewer pumps, roof drains, and other storm water drains to the sanitary system. The Village aggressively prosecutes any unlawful connections.

Storm Sewers

The Village is responsible for maintaining the municipal storm sewer system. Storm sewers are not designed to accommodate every rainfall intensity and, therefore, minor standing water is to be expected. During a rainstorm, water may rise over the curb. If this occurs, it should be reported to the Village. Most blockages result during the spring and fall seasons when leaves and other debris clog the inlets. A property owner may help by keeping his or her gutter clean of debris, refraining from sweeping leaves into the curbs, and by removing deposits on inlet and catch basin grates.

Water Meters

It is unlawful to tamper with, alter, or injure any water meter. Proper installation and heat circulation should be provided to prevent your meter from freezing during winter months. Any costs associated with the repair of damaged meters as a result of altering, tampering, or freezing will be charged to the person responsible for payment of the water bill. Should you experience problems with your water service or with the water meter, please contact the Village at 815-675-2121.